mental health & college success

How to succeed in college by improving your mental health

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Depression and anxiety are essentially linked to deficiencies in: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex. Yet, a balanced diet can improve mental health stability.


Physical exercise, meditation, yoga, and even writing in a journal are all proven to decrease risk of and prevent depression and anxiety. Such activities invoke endorphins and reduce stress.


Strong correlations exist between sleep deprivation and depression. This proves that the 7 to 9 hours of daily sleep recommended by Physicians, to adolescents, is essential.


A good night’s sleep actually starts in the morning. We need morning balanced sunlight and protection from the unbalanced blue light of technology, such as: cell phones, computer screens, and LED lights.

Dr. Jerry Hizon, MD Discusses Universal Benefits of Sleep and Light

In his presentation at TEDxTemecula, Dr. Jerry Hizon, MD, describes the universal benefits of getting a sufficient amount of sleep. In accordance with sleep, Dr. Jerry Hizon also elaborates on the benefits of light and detrimental effects of blue light.

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Dr. Jerry Hizon, MD

Family & Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Jerry Hizon, MD, is a Family & Sports Medicine Specialist and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine. In the past he worked as the medical team physician for the San Diego Chargers for 19 seasons. Dr. Hizon is a proud member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Sports Medicine and the California Medical Association.

Mia Villarreal

University of California, Berkeley, BA Public Health and Public Policy

Mia is Mental Health Awareness Advocate, and a pre-med third-year student at the University of California, Berkeley, studying Public Health, Public Policy. She is dedicated to eliminating mental illness stigma and health equity. Mia is the Founder of the non-profit Mental Health Promotion and Advocacy Organization, Stellar Mind. In the future she plans to pursue an MPH and MD in Psychiatry.

Rebekah Bernal

California Baptist University, BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Rebekah is a pre-med fourth-year student at California Baptist University, studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Her plan for the future is to attend medical school with a focus on Pediatrics, and after she is finished with her residency, she intends to return to Riverside county to serve her hometown as a care provider who treats her patients with dignity, respect, and compassion.

Nishant Prakash

University of California, Davis, BS Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Nishant Nishant Prakash is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at the University of California, Davis. His future plans are to attend medical school and obtain an M.P.H. degree, in order to become a family medicine physician, with an emphasis in preventive public health. Nishant plans to serve as a long-term primary care provider for the medically-underserved communities of the Inland Empire.

Ryan Mynatt

University of California, Riverside, BS Bioengineering

Ryan is a pre-med student at the University of California, Riverside, studying Bioengineering. He served 10 years as an emergency medical technician doing emergency and non-emergency transports for private companies. One of the most frequent problems witnessed during his EMT career was poor mental health options and as a result is passionate about addressing all facets of keeping the mind healthy.  

Iseth Jara

Norco Community College, BS Biomedical Engineering

Iseth currently attends Norco Community College, in the near future she plans on attending 4 year university and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. She plans to continue to expand her knowledge and attend medical school with the idea of specializing in Family medicine/pediatrics. After school, she does plan on coming back to the Inland Empire to help the community in which she grew up in and helping others to live a healthier, happier life.